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The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation  


Dr. Pamela Ohashi is the Co-Director of the Tumor

Immunotherapy Program (TIP). Her laboratory

has made key contributions to our understanding

of the immune system, and she spearheaded the

establishment of the first Adoptive T-cell Therapy

clinical trial in Canada.

Dr. Lillian Siu is a senior staff medical oncologist and

a recognized world leader in the management of

Phase I and II clinical trials. She is Co-Director of the

Tumor Immunotherapy Program, Co-Director of the

BRAS Drug Development Program, and Executive

Director of the Cancer Genomics Program. Together,

the three programs of tumor immunotherapy, drug

development and cancer genomics form a triad of

synergy that supports The Princess Margaret’s core

vision to deliver Personalized Cancer Medicine.

Dr. Marcus Butler is a senior medical oncologist and

Director of the Immune Monitoring Laboratory.

Before joining The Princess Margaret, Dr. Butler was

an Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School

and a Clinical Fellow in Medicine at the Dana-Farber

Cancer Institute. As a clinician-scientist, Dr. Butler

plays a leadership role in translating the discoveries

in our laboratories into clinical trials that have the

potential to improve outcomes for patients.

Dr. Tak Mak changed the world of medical research

in 1984 when he published a landmark scientific

paper on the cloning of the T-cell receptor gene,

considered the ‘holy grail’ of the human immune

system. He is the Director of The Campbell Family

Institute for Breast Cancer Research, and was invited

to the Vatican this year, along with several other

world-leading cancer researchers, to take part in a

conference that focused in part on immunotherapy.