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“We believe that immunotherapy

is and will continue to be a giant

leap forward in the treatment of

cancer,” says Tony Traub. Tony is an

entrepreneur who has spent much

of his career in the financial services

industry. Together with his wife

Wendy, they recognized that The

Princess Margaret has a world class

team in the area of immunotherapy,

and wanted to help move their

initiatives forward.

Tony andWendy are excited about

the potential that lies ahead with

Personalized Cancer Medicine, and

they want to be part of making it

a reality. They decided this year to

make a significant investment to help

accelerate the Tumor Immunotherapy

Program at Princess Margaret Cancer

Centre, bringing their total giving to

$1 million.

Wendy is currently a patient at the

cancer centre. She was diagnosed

with melanoma in July 2014—the

same month in which they lost a

dear friend to brain cancer. Wendy’s

melanoma was quickly removed,

but it recurred. Today, she is in the

care of Dr. Marcus Butler, a medical

oncologist, and his team.

Wendy is receiving immunotherapy

and being cared for by the staff at

The Princess Margaret. She feels

fortunate to be in the hands of one

of the physicians leading the Tumor

Immunotherapy Program.

“This generous gift fromWendy and

Tony Traub will help us immensely

in moving the knowledge of our

immune system gained in our

laboratories into the clinic where it

can benefit patients directly,” says

Dr. Butler. “For example, The Princess

Margaret is establishing an Immune

Monitoring Laboratory which will

play a key role in understanding why

certain patients benefit from the new

immunotherapies while others do not.”

Wanting to be part of a

‘giant leap forward in the

treatment of cancer’


2016 Report to Our Donors