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2016 Report to Our Donors

Moving cancer discoveries from

In March 2016, Dr. Jonathan Irish, Chief of

Surgical Oncology, gave a tour of Canada’s most

technologically-advanced cancer surgical suite

via Periscope—a social media tool that connects

to Twitter accounts and allows viewers to ask

questions in real-time. Over 550 participants tuned

in and asked questions about the technology

demonstrated and the benefits to patients.

Dr. Rama Khokha and her team discovered that

blocking the master regulator of bone renewal

stops osteosarcoma, the most common primary

bone cancer in children and teens. Osteosarcoma

is the disease that proved fatal for Canadian icon

Terry Fox.

Stem-cell scientists, led by Dr. John Dick, have

discovered a completely new understanding

of how human blood is made. For people with

blood disorders and diseases, including leukemia

and lymphoma, the potential benefits of this

discovery are significant, unlocking a distinct

route to personalizing therapy.