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The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation  


In 2015, the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Strategy was updated, adding specificity and

precision, and further integrating the activities of our research program. It included more detail

on the activities that help us make progress towards our strategic goals, and demonstrated the

momentum already gained in executing our strategic plan. The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Strategy 2013 -2018: World Class Personalized Cancer Medicine summarizes our goals across five

key strategic themes with a vision of

Global Impact as a Top 5 Comprehensive Cancer Centre in

the World.

Transform Patient Care

We will transform patient care by empowering

patients to become partners in their care.

Developing new models of inter-professional care,

offering support through all the aspects of cancer

care, and customizing support for unique and

vulnerable populations.

Augment Correlative Cancer Biology

We will understand cancer biology at the

molecular, cellular, and tumor levels, knowing that

this is critical to diagnosis, monitoring treatment

response, and developing new therapeutic

strategies that are safer and more effective.

Accelerate Guided Therapeutics

We will foster continuous innovation and evaluation of technologies, supported by a robust

foundation of informatics and quantification; enabling individualized cancer detection, diagnosis,

treatment, and support.

Expand Novel Therapeutics

We will provide patients with access to leading-edge treatments through research and

implementation of novel systemic therapeutics, incorporating molecular imaging and genomic

signatures, and improving outcomes for cancer patients globally.

Drive Outreach and Education

We will strengthen our impact and reputation by contributing to our communities, improving care

and research, and exchanging knowledge through education and outreach, as well

as through global and local collaborations and partnerships.

Personalized Cancer Medicine

Our Strategy