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The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation  


Rosemary Bolognese is the captain of Julia’s Warriors, a team of friends and

family who love hockey and originally came together for the 2013


Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer

to support Rosemary’s niece, Julia Lisena.

“Creating Julia’s Warriors was just one way we showed her how much we care

and how we are fighting right alongside her.”

Julia was first diagnosed with leukemia when she was only three years old.

She spent considerable time in hospitals, but in 2012, the family was happy to

celebrate her five-year cancer free milestone.

About eight months later, however, they noticed something wrong with her

vision. A biopsy confirmed that she had an extremely rare tumor that occurs

in the bones of the skull and spine. Doctors said this second diagnosis of a

completely different—and rare—type of cancer was the equivalent of being

struck by lightning twice. Fortunately, Julia’s last MRI showed that everything

is stable, and she is feeling great.

Over three years, the team has raised just under $70,000.

Julia inspires a team of cancer warriors


Scotiabank steps

up in the fight to

conquer cancer!

For the next five years, Scotiabank has

signed on as the title sponsor for


Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer.

“Community hockey is an important part

of who we are as Scotiabankers – we are

fans, coaches and players,” said John Doig,

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing

Officer, Scotiabank. “

Scotiabank Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer


our nation’s passion for hockey to raise funds needed for cancer

research and improved therapies, and we are honoured to stand

shoulder-to-shoulder with The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

in an effort to conquer cancer.”

In 2015,

Scotiabank Road

Hockey to Conquer Cancer

found a great new home

at Woodbine Racetrack. It

has plenty of space, and

it is easily accessible for

our growing number of

participants. In the first

year at Woodbine, the

event established two

world records: most

funds raised and most

participants in a one-day

road hockey fundraiser.

The 2015 event involved

141 teams that collectively

raised $2.4 million.