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The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation  


It May Seem Like We’ve Been Fighting This

Fight Forever. But We Haven’t.

There was a time, not long ago, when cancer

was a death sentence. And the treatment was

dreaded almost as much as the disease.

We’ve seen that change in our lifetime, at

The Princess Margaret.

We’ve seen the entire process of cancer

care forever altered. We’ve seen radical

mastectomies become lumpectomies. We’ve

seen the precision of image guided therapies

spare more healthy tissue. We’ve seen

undreamed-of advances at the cellular level and

revolutionary work in healing beyond the body.

All in our lifetime.

All at The Princess Margaret.

We see the things we do give hope to millions,

one person at a time. We’ve transformed

a provincial cancer hospital into one of the

world’s top five cancer research centres.

As a proud partner of the University Health

Network, we’ve grown our people into

the thousands - each of them dedicated to

finding more effective ways to care for cancer

patients. We share our research findings

and clinical expertise globally. Through our

critical teaching role, we are training the next

generation of cancer experts and impacting

patient care at The Princess Margaret, across

Canada and around the globe.

We see leading researchers, from all over the

world, leave their homes to come here. Because

this is where they believe the fight will be

finished. In our lifetime.

Yes, we are still losing people to cancer. But

more and more, we are controlling the cancer,

instead of the cancer controlling us. We now

know that every cancer is as individual as the

patient. So we’re developing personalized care

that delivers the right treatment to the right

patient at the right time. We are pioneering

new, innovative treatment options, like using

a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer.

This is the future of cancer medicine, and we

are on the forefront of that progress, today.

It may seem like we’ll be fighting this fight

forever. But we won’t. Because we’re closing in.

We have the momentum. We have the talent.

And we have the passion. This is the front line.

We are Canada’s cancer warriors. But we can’t

do it alone.

The world needs to hear The Princess Margaret

message. So share it at every opportunity with

anyone who will listen.

It’s a simple message, really. But it’s a message

of incredible power: we are conquering cancer

at Canada’s cancer research centre, The Princess

Margaret. In our lifetime.

*For more information on The Princess Margaret’s global impact, go to

The world needs to hear The Princess

Margaret message. So share it at every

opportunity with anyone who will listen.