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The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation  


Spreading holiday cheer in a meaningful way

Holidays are a traditional time of saying thank you to customers, suppliers,

colleagues and loved ones, and both individuals and organizations sometimes

struggle to find the most appropriate and meaningful way to do that. For

nine years, Tolin Enterprises— a framing construction contracting firm in

Concord, Ontario—has said thank you to their clients and suppliers by making

donations in their honour in support of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

Tony Gargaro, President of Tolin Enterprises donates to The Princess Margaret to support great care,

research and its exceptional staff. He has experienced firsthand, the loss of close family members and

friends, so this cause is dear to his heart.

Marisa Messina, Office Manager at Tolin also shares great admiration for The Princess Margaret, with the

loss of her mother and father to cancer. Her sister was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and is in

remission at the present time. “Dr. Donna E. Reece M.D. and her team gave our family the best support and

everything available to cope with this illness.”

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is very grateful to Tolin Enterprises for their support of cancer

research at The Princess Margaret. They have donated over $65,000 through the Holiday Program, and they

have also been great supporters of riders and walkers in our

Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer



OneWalk to Conquer Cancer.

Fighting cancer one dress at a time

Preparing for a wedding is a time when brides and

grooms often reflect on who will be missing from their

important day. It might be a parent, a sibling, or a

friend. When Helen Sweet was planning her wedding

11 years ago, she thought about her best friend Lisa,

who she lost to sarcoma (the same cancer as Terry

Fox) when she was just nine-years-old. Cancer later

took her cousin, several grandparents and friends.

The experience of planning her wedding planted a

seed in Helen that led her to start The Bride’s Project.

It provides an environmentally, socially and fiscally-

conscious option for brides seeking a wedding dress,

and for brides seeking the benefits of recycling and

reusing after they no longer need their wedding dress.

Helen has donated $40,000 over the past two years

from the proceeds of The Bride’s Project to support

cancer research at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

“When they hear about The Bride’s Project, many

brides see it as a wonderful way they can honour the

people they have lost to cancer, as well as those who

have survived the disease,” explains Helen.

For more information about The Bride’s Project,

go to

Helen Sweet, Owner of The Bride’s Project and

Michelle Lawrie Kundurpi, who donated her dress.