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Putting the gloves to cancer

Five years ago, the Palmer Bros. Charity Golf Tournament

began directing the event proceeds to Princess Margaret

Cancer Centre after one of their own was diagnosed with

leukemia. By then, the event had already been running

for more than two decades. Headquartered in Pickering,

Ontario, Palmer Bros. has been providing heating and air

conditioning services to their community for over 40 years.

They have raised over $30,000 for leukemia research at The

Princess Margaret. Because they wanted to help leukemia

patients and nursing staff in a more direct way, they also

purchased furniture and more than a dozen televisions for

the cancer centre’s hematology department.

More than 160 golfers take part in the tournament each year.

Palmer Bros. Charity Golf Tournament now aims to

improve care for leukemia patients


2016 Report to Our Donors

If, as many say, Generation X

embodies and celebrates individual

effort, entrepreneurial spirit and risk-

taking, then Jennifer Huggins is right

in the bull’s eye. As a teenager, she

was a competitive figure skater and

then she went on tour as a magician’s

assistant. She has learned what it

takes to put on a show and engage

an audience!

Then Jennifer found her real passion—

boxing—and she has turned it into

a successful business and a way to give back to her community. She now owns Kingsway Boxing Club with two

locations in Etobicoke, offers personal training, and is accredited as a boxing referee at the Olympic level.

In 2011, she created Fight To End Cancer. Each year, she auditions and selects ten people with no prior boxing

experience and trains them for six months in preparation for fight night—a black tie charity gala held in the

ballroom of the Old Mill. In five years, Jennifer, her fighters and supporters, have raised over $500,000 for

The Princess Margaret.

Heather Harris andher daughter Jessie

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