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The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation  


Maria Filosa knows that other cancer patients take

comfort from hearing her story, and she shared

it often when she volunteered in the Wharton

Head and Neck clinic at Princess Margaret Cancer

Centre. There, in 2007, she was diagnosed with

tongue cancer which was aggressively treated with

two rounds of chemotherapy given concurrently

with seven weeks of radiation treatment. This was

followed by life-changing surgery where 70 percent

of her tongue was removed and then reconstructed.

What she faced back in 2007 was terrifying and she

could barely speak without bursting into tears. But

today, she speaks so sincerely about the incredible

quality of her care—both physical and emotional.

Her doctors were not only compassionate, but

respectful that she had very difficult decisions to

make, and they took the time to empower her with

the information she needed.

This year, Maria made another decision. She decided

to leave a gift for The Princess Margaret in her will.

“Leaving a bequest to the cancer centre is another

way for me to take control in beating cancer and

allowing the brilliance that is The Princess Margaret

to lead the way.”

Vito and Catherine Labate

Margaret, Audrey and

James Laidler

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Colin Languedoc

Moira and James Lawrence

Barry Lebow

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Daniel Z. Goodwill

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Joan and Bob Lehman

Kathleen D. Leslie

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Daniel Lichtman

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Irene M. Lloyd

Debbie Locke

Audrey Loeb and David Ross

Margaret Jane Logan

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Rita Louidor

Margaret Lynch

Mary and Garth MacGirr

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mackay

William MacLaren

John and Gail MacNaughton

Robert Martin

Antonio and Seli Masegosa

Dana Maslic

Aureade Massey

Jean Matlow

Doris McCartney

Janice McDonald

R.A. Guy McGuire

Paul McNab and Mary


Beverly McRae

Elizabeth Meldrum

Steve Merker and Cathy Buchanan

Louis Michael

Rosa Milano

Barbara Jean Miles

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Patricia Miller

Ruth M. Miller

Ruth Milne

S. Milne

John K. Mitchell

Lois Mitchell

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Eleanor Morgan

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Abel Quintal

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Gladys Rennie

Edna Reynolds

Charles H. and Kathleen

A. Robinson

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In Honour of Beryl Elizabeth


Jackie Tuffin

Gillian Tuffin

Pat Nichols and Bob Tundermann

Belal Uddin

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Hazel Westlake

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Clyde ShepardWhitham

Linda Whyte

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Betsy Wright

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Robert & Lois Yuill

Valentina Zatskoy Loper

John Zeger

Maria gives in many ways

Gino Ortuso and Maria Filosa

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