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1135427 Ontario Ltd.

1335052 Ontario Inc

1403006 Ontario Inc.

Wings Distributor

2142830 Ontario Inc

2383570 Ontario Inc.

A & M Heat Treating Ltd.

Acier Wirth Steel

G. Chalmers Adams

Pauline Adams

Ronald J. Adams

Renee Addison

Samuel Adjei Twum

Ernest Adriaanse

Aecon Group Inc.

John Agar

Kays Al Mudaries

Gino Alberelli

Alberga Family

The Albert & Egosah

Reichmann Family


Hussein Aldhalaan

J. A. Alexander

Alma Ali

Clive and Barbara Allen

Francis and Vivian Allwood

Ermidio Alves

Robert David Anderson

Stephen Anderson

Violet Andraos

Gail Anthony

Aragon (St. Helens)

Dev (Ont) Corp

In honour of Marvin L. Arbuck,

Sidney and Sonia Arbuck

Ardis Archer

Thomas E. Armstrong

Gary Atkin

Ann H. Atkinson

Siu W. Au

David Aurandt

Michele Avison

Nancy Avison

Wilfred Avison

The B.A. Himel Family


Audrey Babb and

Walter Maves

Hildred C. Babb

William F. Badke

Jehan Bagli

E.V. Baine

Ronald A. Baines

Dimitar Bakalovski

Darren Baker

Baker Real Estate Incorp.

Konstantinos Bakoyiannis

Wisam Baldawi

Raff and Frank Baldesarra

Clair Balfour

Bruna E. Ballestrin

Sid Ballik

Ruth E. Balmer

Mona H. and R. Bandeen

Garnet Banks

BAPS Charities Inc.

Beverly Barakett

Barbara and Harvey Wolfe Family

Charitable Fdn.

Ralph M. Barford

Frances Barish

Reg C. Barnard

Robert Barnard

Richard J. Barnby

The Barnes Family

Charitable Foundation

Douglas and Kathryn


John and Betty Barrons

Basic Fashion Services

Rita Bawa

Bayer Consumer Care AG

M. Kelly Beales

Edwin L. and Elaine Beallor

Sally K. Beattie

Roland Beauregard

Paul Beeston

Rosa Beggs

Fernanda P. Belas

Mervyn C. Bell

Vivian Bellisario

Belwood Poultry Ltd

Paul Bennett

Gay Berger

M. Barbara Berner

Coleman and Evelyn Bernstein

Lawrence Bertuzzi

Betrose Management Ltd

John Derek Bewley

Pamela Bierstock

Linda D. Bignell

David G. Billes

Martha Billes

Joel Binder

Andrew Bishop

Heather E. Black

Nicholas & Zachary


Geoffrey Bledin

Jack and Kathy Bloom

Bloom Lanys Professional Corp.


Boiler Inspection &

Insurance Co.

Joe Bolla

Barb and Rob Bolton

Janet L. Bomza

Avril Bonert

Max Borinsky

Eric Bornstein

Robindra N. Bose

Renee Botterbusch

Bonnie J. Boucher

Chris Boutsalis

Reid Bowlby

BP Interiors Inc.

Dolores Bracken

Patrick Bradley

David and Constance Briant

The Brides’ Project

David Brill

John Brittain

George C. Britton

Philip Browman and Family

Donald R. Brown Q.C.

Gary, Gail, Jody and

Amy Brown

Donald Bruce

The Bruce H. Mitchell


Linda Brundage

Marcel G. Bruneau

John Bucknam

Arnis Budrevics

Buonavita Investments Ltd

Jane Burfield

Zen Burianyk

M. William and Dorothy Burke

Michael F. Burke

Julia Burn

Ronald Peter Butler

Jessica Butt

Butterfield Family Foundation

Nigel Byars

Catherine A. Byrnes

Barrie A. Cade

Brendan and Mary Calder

H James Callan

Marie Campbell

Lyn Campney

Canadian Tire Bank

Canadian Uro-Oncology


Canso Investment

Counsel Ltd.

The Capital Markets

Company Limited

Fran Caplan

Robert Carew

Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Giovanna Carnevale

Barry W. Carpenter

George W. Carpenter

Brian Carr

Douglas W. Carscadden

Mary Carson


Carvin Holdings

Centrecorp/North American

Development Group

Bernard Ceresne

Zdenek Cermak

John Chamberlain

Edward Pak Yiu Chan

Stephanie Chan

Chancery Mendez Holdings

Canada Ltd

Norman Chandler

Elizabeth Chang

Vivian Chang

Murray J. Chant

Yin May Chao

Barbara Charles

Eddy Chau

Gord and Margaret Chellew

Daisy Chen

Maria Chen

May Bo Cheng

Shan Cheng

Connie Chiang

Aaron Chim

Elizabeth Chisholm

Jim Chiu

Sheila W. Chiu

Rockey Choy

Caroline Chu

Kane Chu

Miu-Ching Chu

Yung Ni Chu Kung

Frank Ciccolini

Citibank Canada

Citrolad Canada (Juices) Inc.

Celeste Clarke

Ronald and Lynnette Clegg

John E. Cleghorn

Christine M. Clement

John D. Clements

CN Employees’

and Pensioners’

Community Fund

Cobmex (Canada) Inc.

Alan Cohen

Jon Cohen

Samuel Cohen

Steven and Roslyn Cohen

Doris Coleman

William B. Collins

Donors in our community who support The

Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation with gifts of

$1,000 or more during the year are a part of The

Princess Margaret’s Inner Circle.

We are pleased to acknowledge our Inner Circle

Donors for their generosity and commitment to

our vision to Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime.

Thank you for your support!


2016 Inner Circle Donors