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Family Foundation

National Bank of Canada

Barry and Louise Needler

Neelands Refrigeration Limited

Mary Nesbitt

John G. Nevin

Susan Newman

Nexgenrx Inc.

Kan Ngan

My-Anh T. Nguyen

Minh Nguyen-Huu

Marie Nichols

Joan Nicholson

Nick and Lynn Ross

Charitable Foundation

Judith M. Nicoll

Ian V.B. Nordheimer

The Norman and Margaret

Jewison Charitable


Norman Rosenberg

Enterprises Limited

Philip and Joan Norris

Lesley E. North

Nucleix Ltd.

The NWM Private Giving


Alanne O’Gallagher

Geoffrey and Dawn Ogram

Anthony Okoli

Helen Oldham

Shannon Olson

Garry and Catherine Oman

Geraldine M. O’Meara

Ontario Kinesiology


Ontario Power Generation

Employees’ &

Pensioners’ Charity

Ontim Investments Ltd.

Jeffrey Orr

Helen A. Orsino

Cristeta C. Ortiz

Judith Anne Overland

Marie J. Overweel

Ozmosis Research Inc.

Palace Arms

Rocco Palmieri

Phil Palter

Freda Papoff

James C. Pappas

Kyriaki (Litsa) Parker

James Parks

Karl E. Parnoja

Rachel Parry

Andrew Pastor

Jerry Patava

Eleanor and Laurence Pattillo

Frances & Pasko Pavkovic

Margaret Peacock

Peter Pearce

Penegal Trim & Supply Ltd.

Cheryle Pereira

Malcolm Perlman

Marie Perta

The Philip Smith Foundation

Paul Phoenix

Robin Picov

John and Andrea Pierson

Clare Pirie

Maddalena Pirroncello

Ward and Diana Pitfield

Judith Poe

Janet and Peter Herman

Catherine M. Ponesse

Irene Poon

Eileen W. Popper

Port Royal Mills Ltd.

Sandy Posluns

Harvey Poss

Michele Power

Vivienne Poy

Courtney and Alexa Pratt

Donna L. Preston

Wayne Preston

Prostate Cure Foundation

Protek Bodies

Quality Custom Blending Ltd.

Patricia Quigley

R. HowardWebster


Giuseppe Rabasca

David and Janice Radtke

Annie M. Rafferty

Ann Rastin

Joe Rastin

Lawrence J. Rawlinson

Neil R. Raymond

Raymond James Canada


Alan Redway

John Reilly

F.J. Reinders

Morton Reingold


Residential and Civil

Construction Alliance

Of Ontario

Dirk and Anne Reyneveld

James Rickard

Barb and Ced Ritchie

David Ritchie

Riviera Electrical

Contractor Inc.

RKG Holdings Limited

Gordon H. Roberts

Robert Robertson

Ken Robins

Jessie Robinson

W. Michael Roche

Rogers Group of Companies

Katherine and Frank Rolph

Tony Romanelli

Gioconda Rosati

Mary M. Rose

Paul and Lisa Rosen

Sidney Ross

L Rosser

Barry Rotenberg

Nathan Rothwell

The Royal Canadian Legion

General Wingate Branch 256

Michael J. Rozario

Anthony Rubin

Adam Rubinoff

Marci J. Rubinoff

Rubinoff Family Foundation

The Family of Melvyn

Paul Rubinoff

Anne Ruebottom

E Ian Rugeroni

Ruth and Irving Levine

Family Foundation

Eamon Ryan

S & C Electric Canada Ltd.

Barbara Saipe

Cynthia Samu

Dorothy Wiens Sanderson

Cookie and Stephen Sandler

Sanofi Aventis

Sanofi-Aventis Canada Inc.

Roger Sarty

Andrea Sass-Kortsak

Michael Sax

Ron and Irene Schelfhaut

Carol and Lionel Schipper

Gabriella Schmidt

Rolf Schoene

Wendy and Michael Schure

Alan Schwarz

Charles and Mina Schwarz

SCI Group Inc.

Christina M. Senkiw

Peter Seto

Harry T. Seymour

Franco Sgalla

Carlo Sguassero

Ashish Sharma

Satyendra Sharma

Maureen Shaughnessy Kitts

Sheila and Robert Sheaffer

Gerald Shear

Robin Shear

Shahin Sheidaei

Sharon Shelswell

Stanley and Donna Shenkman

Gregory E. Sheppard

Margaret Sheppard

Hossam A. Shiaty

Owen Shime

Norma Shimizu

Greg Shin

Zion Shraiter

Keki B. Shroff

Bev Shugg Barbeito

N. L. Shuttleworth

Lorene Siaw

Rosa Silva

Florence and Al Silver

Silver Apple Foundation Inc.

Sid and Sue Silverberg

and Family

Edward H. Simmonds

Anthony J. Simpson

Patricia V. Simpson

Esther and Ronald Sirkis

Margaret Sisley

Ski Bees

Paul and Carol Slavens

Slovak Community Circle

of Oshawa

Faida Smale

Nellie A. Smart

Carol Anne Smith

Leslie Anne Smith

Peter F. Smith

Roy Smith

Patrick K. So

Solocrete General

Contracting Ltd

Dillip Soman

Spectrum Realty Services Inc.

Stephen D. Sperling

Ronald Sprang

Ruth A. Sprenger

David H Spurr

Hindupuram Sriharsha

Richard Stacey

Sheila Stahl

John E. Stamatopoulos

Dennis Starritt

Donna Steck and Family

In Honour of Our Beloved

Husband and Father

Brian Steck

Herbert Stein

Ronald S. Steinberg,

Paula Brockman and

Susan Caplan

Joseph and Elaine Steiner

Bonnie Stephen

Alice Stern

Steve & Sally Stavro Family


Maria Stevens

Ed Stevenson

Michael Stewart

Morag L. Stewart

Stratford Festival

Strybos Barron King Ltd.

Minna Sturrup

Cindy Su

Fay Sue-A-Quan

Fahim Sultan

Peggy Sum

Dean Summerville

Roger Sutton

Malcolm and Marjorie Swartz

Carol Swindell

Richard A. Symonds

Vaclav Taborsky

Arshia Tabrizi

Azin Tabrizi

Arthur Neil Tait

Harry Tam

Ronald Peter Tam

Richard F. Tayler

Christine Taylor

Edward and Janet Taylor

Heather Taylor

Kenneth and Joan Taylor

Linda Taylor

Robert Taylor

William Taylor

Tullio Tedesco

Tina Tehranchian & Shahdad



The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation 48