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Paul Alofs

President & CEO

The Princess Margaret

Cancer Foundation

GleNn Ives

Chair, Board of Directors

The Princess Margaret

Cancer Foundation

On the Cover

An example of

immunotherapy in action –

two T-cells [red] attacking

an oral cancer cell. Image

captured by U.S. cancer

researcher Dr. Rita Serda.

3. 4 th Cancer Battle, Now With Immunotherapy 4. Dr. Tak Mak Goes to the Vatican 5. Real Cures Come From Discovery Research 6. The Cancer Warrior: The Immune System 10. A Drug That Shows Your Body How to Beat Cancer 12. Revolutionizing Cancer Therapy 13. Boosting the Arsenal: Adoptive T-cell Therapy 14. T-cells on Alert: Cancer Vaccines 15. Unleashing the Immune System: Immune Checkpoint Blockade 17. Immunotherapy Offers Hope 18. The Princess Margaret Leads the Way 19. On the Front Lines of Immunotherapy 22. CLINICAL TRIALS AT PRINCESS MARGARET CANCER CENTRE

It’s one of the biggest ideas of the past decade,

with the potential to revolutionize cancer therapy,

and it’s happening at Princess Margaret Cancer

Centre. Immunotherapy is about harnessing the

body’s own immune system to attack and kill cancer.

This past January at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare

Conference, a preeminent investors’ event,

immunotherapy research and treatment generated

intense interest. Even more striking, academic

journals agree with these healthcare executives

and investment analysts.

Why the hype? Let’s start with the remarkable

cancer treatment that helped save former U.S.

President Jimmy Carter’s life. In August of 2015, he

announced he had melanoma and it had spread to

his liver and brain. He underwent surgery, radiation,

and a new cancer treatment, immunotherapy. Fast

forward to December and another announcement,

there were no further signs of cancer in his body.

In March, Johns Hopkins established a cancer

immunotherapy research centre with two $50-million

gifts — from former New York City Mayor Michael

Bloomberg and Jones Apparel Group Founder Sidney

Kimmel. An additional $25 million came from others.

There’s also Silicon Valley billionaire Sean Parker,

of Napster and Facebook fame, who committed $250

million to bring together more than 300 researchers

from six key U.S. cancer centres to advance

developments in cancer immunotherapy.

As one of the top 5 cancer research centres in

the world, The Princess Margaret has already seen

significant breakthroughs in immunotherapy. We will

continue to lead the way with the generous support

of our community. Help us push discoveries and new

treatments forward.

To support The

Princess Margaret,

please visit

or call 416-946-6560