The Princess Margaret “Transformers”

22 PRINCESS MARGARET CANCER CENTRE Established in 2011, Techna accelerates the development and application of technologies for the benefit of patients and the health care system. Crossing the silos of traditional research, Techna has created a culture of collaboration between clinicians, scientists and engineers, while also engaging a network of industry partners to exploit technologies that address unmet clinical needs. The institute has facilitated the clinical development and adoption of an unprecedented number of technologies, including the image- guided Gamma Knife (Elekta ICON), MR-guided radiotherapy, quality assurance systems for radiotherapy, and an Imaging Core Lab, Cyclotron and radiopharmacy that form the backbone of UHN’s Molecular Imaging Program. Techna has also been active in the development, deployment, and TECHNA INSTITUTE EXPLOITING TECHNOLOGY TO ENHANCE PATIENT CARE commercialization of digital systems such as the Distress Assessment and Response Tool (DART), and the creation of artificial intelligence technologies. These innovations are transforming the way patient care is delivered, and offer an impressive return on investment. Over the past five years, Techna’s intellectual property and commercialization activities have generated 10 patents, 29 licensing opportunities, seven licensed products, and five start-ups resulting in projections of over $1 million per year of commercialization revenues. The Institute has also attracted over $38 million in research funding to UHN since its launch. Techna technologies have a direct impact on the treatment and management of over 3,000 patients globally every day.