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The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation  


GIPPEC has a productive first year

The Global Institute of Psychosocial, Palliative & End-of-Life Care (GIPPEC)

is a partnership formed in 2014 between University Health Network, Princess

Margaret Cancer Centre and the University of Toronto. The Director of GIPPEC is

Dr. Gary Rodin, Head of Supportive Care at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

The past year and a half has been very productive for GIPPEC’s executive team as

they have:

• Built up the academic faculty to foster collaborative international

research teams, including accomplished leaders in end-of-life care

from Africa, Italy, Germany, Great Britain and China

• Organized a seminar series and a large conference that brought

together thought leaders and investigators contributing to public

policy regarding the care of patients with life-threatening or

terminal disease

• Launched an online educational platform that supports graduate

training and enhances research skills

The work and ambitions of GIPPEC were highlighted and supported this year at

an event organized by Prime Quadrant, a firm providing financial investment

services for affluent Canadians.

Invest in Research

provides cancer researchers with

‘seed funding’

In 2007, Tom Ehrlich asked an important question of his physician,

Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz: What can I do to help that will have

impact? She said there was a real need for seed funding to support

new cancer research projects. In response, Tom (currently the

Chair of the Board of Directors for The Princess Margaret Cancer

Foundation) started the Invest in Research program.

This program brings together people interested in making directed

investments to help conquer cancer. With boardroom-style

accountability, the group annually considers a number of proposals

and awards one or two researchers with grants of $100,000 each, to

move their ideas forward. Each member of Invest in Research has

a vote and helps to choose the projects that are funded. The grant

recipients later report back to the group on their progress.

To date, Invest in Research has raised more than $2 million for projects that improve our understanding of cancer

at the molecular level and advance new drug, radiation and surgical therapies. Recipients of these grants have

leveraged their seed-funding into more than $30 million of additional philanthropic, government or corporate

funding for their projects.

“I look for meaning inmy investments and Invest in Research really struck an emotional chord. Somuch so, that I have

become the new Chair of the program,”says Michael Wilson, a financial advisor with CIBCWood Gundy.“As a member of

Invest in Research, I like the direct impact I can have and appreciate the opportunity to hear from the researchers in person.”

For more information about Invest in Research, please contact Malka Greene


or 416-946-4668).

Tom Ehrlich and Michael Wilson

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